Level 2 Diploma in Christmas Party Planning

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If it’s a Christmas time with all the trimmings that you’re after for years to come, look no further than signing up to our unique Xmas course. Upon completion of this niche course you’ll never be stuck for merry ideas again.


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For the majority of us Christmas time is the most magical event on the calendar, and certainly an occasion that’s worth planning in advance. From trees decorated with glitter and baubles, to gift wrapping and home-cooked food, there’s never a dull moment during the month of December. If you’re among the many individuals who are always one step ahead of making the festive season enjoyable for the whole family, this specialist Xmas course is a match made in heaven for your Yuletide talents.

So many young children believe in Santa Claus, and who can blame them? After all, festivities are nothing without a healthy dose of excitement, cheer and tradition. As adults, we know how much effort and precision goes into making December’s winter wonderland occasion memorable, but sometimes a helping hand is needed when it comes to preparing for this family favourite event.

If it’s a Christmas time with all the trimmings that you’re after for years to come, look no further than signing up to our unique Xmas course. Perfectly suited towards party planners looking for Christmas inspiration, busy mums who require creative tips when decorating the home, and for those with a passion for all things festive. Upon completion of this niche course you’ll never be stuck for merry ideas again.

Key Learning Points

Strictly a fun learning program for those who adore Christmas in all its sparkling glory, this course from will not disappoint. It takes approximately 10 hours to complete in full and can be studied on your personal time frame. If you thought you knew all there is to know about the holiday season, you’re in for a pleasant surprise:

  • Expand your mindset and learn how ancient winter celebrations are linked with modern Christmas gatherings.
  • Treat your family and friends to a luxuriously decorated home environment, and learn how to indulge everybody’s taste buds with some of the finest Christmas cooking ideas – budget friendly of course!
  • Discover the best shopping tips, both online and in-store, to help you with gift buying and wrapping.
  • Study the history behind Christmas trees and how they have become such a charming staple among households everywhere.
  • Presentation is key at this special time of year. The Xmas course will enable you to grasp the importance of keeping things neat and tidy, from decorating the table and preparing festive drinks to personalising presents to sit under your tree.

Advantages of this course

  • There are many advantages of choosing this fun-filled course. It makes an ideal choice for Christmas enthusiasts looking to take the holiday season to the next level.
  • You will become an expert in tree and table decorating, improving your Christmas cooking skills and learning how to manage any stress surrounding this busy annual occasion.
  • Gain educated knowledge about the origins of Christmas and why this time of year is so important for families all over the world.
  • Impress your children, other family members and friends with creative ways to spice up all aspects of Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.
  • Hosting parties will become second nature when you improve your festive skill set.
  • You can complete this online course at a time that fits around your hectic lifestyle, at your own pace and from any digital device.

Christmas comes around once a year, so why not pull out all the stops by taking up the Xmas course today!

Introduction to Christmas
  • To learn how ancient winter celebrations are connected with modern Christmas celebrations
  • To understand why people celebrated in the mid-winter
  • To know how the religious and secular meanings of Christmas are intertwined
  • To learn why Christmas was cancelled in Britain for several years
Planning and Prepping for the Christmas Holiday
  • To learn about budgeting tools for Christmas
  • Understand alternatives to traditional Christmas gifts
  • To learn money saving tips for the holiday season
  • To know how to prepare your home and kitchen for guests during the season
Christmas in a Working Environment
  • To learn when gifts are appropriate in the workplace, and when they are not
  • To understand business etiquette when it comes to accepting gifts in the workplace
  • To know the appropriate themes of business Christmas cards
  • To get the most out of a workplace Christmas party
Christmas Shopping
  • To learn how to set a budget for Christmas shopping
  • To learn how to find gift ideas
  • To know some offline and online shopping tips to save time and money
  • To learn how to find discounts when shopping for Christmas
Decorating a Christmas Tree
  • To learn the history of Christmas trees
  • To understand how the Christmas tree came to the UK
  • To learn how to choose the right Christmas tree
  • To understand the best way to decorate the Christmas tree
Christmas Cooking
  • To learn about the traditional turkey and other meat options for Christmas dinner
  • To understand the origins of these food items for Christmas
  • To know how long it takes to cook several traditional Christmas food items
  • To learn about different stuffing varieties and how they can be served
Christmas Pudding And Other Desserts
  • To understand the history of Christmas pudding
  • To know the most common ingredients of Christmas pudding
  • To learn about the traditions associated with Christmas pudding
  • To learn about other traditional desserts served at Christmas
Setting the Table for Christmas Dinner
  • To know how to best plan your Christmas dinner table setting
  • To understand how to arrange the tablecloth, runner or placemats
  • To learn more about arranging silverware correctly
  • To understand how to arrange seating for guests
Christmas Drinks
  • To learn about traditional drinks to serve at Christmas
  • To learn how to pair wine with the main course at Christmas dinner
  • To learn which Christmas cocktails are good for a group
  • To learn how to make some non-alcoholic Christmas drinks
Hosting Christmas (Or Boxing) Day
  • To know when to start planning for your holiday meal
  • To learn how to plan your dinner menu
  • To know when to send invitations
  • To learn what dinner items can be cooked ahead of time
Wrapping, Personalisation and Packaging
  • To learn basic gift wrapping techniques
  • To learn about alternative ways to wrap gifts
  • To understand when it is appropriate to not wrap a gift
  • To learn how to make your own personalised gift tags
Christmas Games For The Whole Family
  • To learn about the importance of games at Christmas
  • To learn about family friendly games for Christmas
  • To know a few Victorian forfeits for the games
  • To learn about adult games for Christmas
Managing Stress at Christmas
  • To learn what too much stress does to the body
  • To understand how to alleviate stress at Christmas by planning ahead
  • To learn when it is appropriate to stop and relax
  • To learn the best foods to serve to eliminate stressful situations
Making and Decorating a Christmas Cake
  • To learn about the history of the Christmas Cake
  • To understand when to start making the Christmas Cake
  • To learn the ingredients in a Christmas Cake
  • To learn how to bake a Christmas Cake
Making Christmas Magical for Children
  • To learn how to ease the excitement of Christmas by keeping children busy
  • To learn a couple of crafts that Children can easily make
  • To know how to involve children in the Christmas preparations
  • To learn how to start a few Christmas Eve traditions
Other Considerations for Christmas
  • To learn how to take better photographs at Christmas
  • To understand when gifts are appropriate for teachers
  • To know what type of tips are appropriate for tradesmen and women
  • To learn about volunteer opportunities during Christmas

If it’s a Christmas time with all the trimmings that you’re after for years to come, look no further than signing up to our unique Xmas course. Upon completion of this niche course you’ll never be stuck for merry ideas again.

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