CIW Perl Specialist Training with Exam (1D0-437)

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Give your career a boost and pick up some new skills by signing up to this course and exam package that focuses on the Perl programming language.


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Give your career a boost and pick up some new skills by signing up to this course and exam package that focuses on the Perl programming language. With this in-depth course and exam bundle, students will be able to understand what Perl is and how it can be used in the context of web and application development. In this day and age, there’s a whole host of programming languages, but Perl is one of the originals that – even though its use is not as widespread today as it used to be – is still an intrinsic language that should be understood.

Simple and Effective

As one of the primary programming languages to be used when the growth of the Internet exploded, many believe that Perl is a ‘duct tape language’ that helped to keep the web together during its early days. While more advanced programming languages have emerged in the years since, Perl’s simple language and ability to handle encrypted web data is still an important concept to grasp – especially as other languages use Perl-compatible regular expressions.

Comprehensive, Convenient and Flexible Learning

By signing up to this Perl Specialist course today, you will be able to grasp some of the basic concepts that make up the Perl framework, and will be able to do so at a pace and time that is convenient to you. When other work and home commitments take over, it can be difficult to make time to study and develop your professional skillset, but with this online course and accompanying exam, you can do it at a time to suit you.

Key learning points

This course and exam bundle is specifically designed for web developers, programmers and application developers who wish to build a basic knowledge of the Perl language. It would be ideally suited to those who have experience of other computer languages, but would like to expand their expertise and include Perl in their skillset.

  • Learn more about what Perl is, as well as the uses of the Perl interpreter. Understand how to operate the interpreter, from basic scripting and print functions to the variables that can occur.
  • Understand the concepts of statements, loops and Boolean expressions with regards to directing program flow.
  • Learn how to manipulate strings using regular expressions, and store program data using arrays.
  • Manipulate data with keys and use hashes to organise the data.
  • Use subroutines to organise code to make it more logical and easier to debug.
  • Implement object-orientated programming techniques using Perl.
  • Feel confident debugging code to identify any errors that need rectifying.
  • Get to grips with some of the basics of database programming, particularly the use of modules and SQL.
  • Course includes all the elements you need to pass the included exam.

Advantages of this course

  • Study online, from the comfort of your own home. Learn at a time and pace that suit you; course materials are available 24/7, 365 days a year, so there’s no rush.
  • Course is valid for a full 12 months, giving students plenty of time to absorb the information in order to sit the included exam and pass it successfully.
  • Learn on a variety of devices, using various browsers and operating systems, meaning you can learn on the go, at home or elsewhere. All you need is an internet connection.
  • A technical support team is available, just in case you need help using the courseware at any point.
  • Get to grips with one of the basic programming languages, and add this skill to your CV or LinkedIn profile.
  • Gain valuable understand of expressions that can be used in Perl, as well as other, programming languages.
  • Develop your professional and personal profiles, and boost your confidence in the uses of Perl. Give future employers even more reasons to hire you!

Sign up to this fantastic course and exam bundle today, and expand your programming know-how to include Perl, too!


  • Introduction to Perl
  • Flow Control in Per
  • Regular Expressions in Perl
  • Arrays in Perl
  • Hashes in Perl
  • Subroutines in Perl
  • File Input and Output
  • Environment Variables and Command Line Arguments
  • Packages and Modules in Perl
  • Object-Oriented Perl
  • Database Connectivity and Perl
  • Debugging Perl Programs

Give your career a boost and pick up some new skills by signing up to this course and exam package that focuses on the Perl programming language.

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